» Our Mission

To unlock the physical and mental potential of each athlete participating in their chosen sport. With a well-designed plan athletes will have more consistent speed, agility strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, endurance and power.

These bio motor functions and their neurological demands will be matched to the sport and relevant position to create overall functional fitness

» Our Vision

Through initial testing, each athlete will be given quantified results and reports in relation to internationally recognised standards that will form the basis of their personal work-ons. Structured periodised group training sessions twice a week will ensure each player is physically and mentally prepared progressively for their up and coming season.

Each athlete will be given personal mentoring and nutritional, lifestyle goals to ensure further accountability.

» Our Key Performance Indicators

Our elite strength and conditioning coaches help athletes maximise their potential and measure their results by tracking and improving an athletes carefully selected FFF Key Performance Indicators listed below. An increase in these KPIs will help athletes in all aspects of their game and help them to achieve the best.

  • Control & Stability (Skill, motor control and posture
  • General strength & endurance (structural integrity)
  • Range of motion (optimal length tension)
  • Optimal strength (weight moved in respect of time)
  • Optimal power (weight moved relative to time)
  • Starting strength (force at the beginning of a movement)
  • Force absorption (plyometric, agility drills, contact)
  • Reactive training (release stored energy)
  • Speed of movement & quickness

FFF coaches are committed to seeing a significant improvement in all 9 of the above listed KPIs and have the expertise and experience to make the most of your training! Contact us today to learn how to improve your KPIs!